Ruskin’s new Actionpac

New products from Ruskin Air Management will improve the safety of Britain’s buildings.

The Actionair Actionpac family of centralised control systems for fire and smoke dampers has been completely upgraded. Significant improvements have been made to Models LNS3, 60/120, EMS and EMB.

The most exciting of the new developments, however, is the launch of the brand new Actionpac Smart. This low cost, intelligent system takes control and monitoring of dampers to a new level.

Actionpac Smart incorporates the latest solid-state technology and operates on an embedded platform. As a result it is ultra reliable, needs substantially less cabling and makes grouping and zoning of dampers much easier to achieve. Full operational data is displayed.

Each Actionpac Smart panel will provide interactive monitoring and function control for up to 30 Actionair Smoke/Shield or Vent/Shield Dampers.

Actionpac Smart units will perform a vital function. Industry standards now reflect the fact that, when buildings burn, actual flame is a relatively minor hazard in terms of human safety.

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