Rinnai’s training commitment to installers

Rinnai UK takes it obligations to its installers very seriously and to that end offers hands-on training on its expansive domestic, commercial and renewable product portfolio. Rinnai is also registered by CIBSE as a provider of CPD courses based around innovations in continuous flow water heating.

Training courses on Rinnai Infinity units, including the award winning range of condensing continuous flow water heaters can be arranged to suit individual requirements.

These courses cover traditional and new technologies for commercial water heating, highlighting where considerable saving and a continuous flow of hot water can both be achieved. Courses can be arranged to suit individual requirements, CPD workshops or seminars are typically half a day and one day duration.

The courses available include:

• Commercial gas fired water heating.

• Continuous flow (instantaneous) gas water heaters to 32l/m (69 Kw).

• Manifolding continuous flow (instantaneous) gas water heaters for any size application.

• Storage configurations incorporating continuous flow gas water heaters.

• Specification of continuous flow gas water heating systems.

• Installation, troubleshooting and service of continuous flow gas water heating water heaters.



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