Ring the changes

As part of its commitment to offer total solutions for connecting pipes, Conex offers Triflow Solder Ring fittings – a system with an integral solder ring solder designed to take the guesswork out of soldering. Triflow capillary fittings are ideal for all types of installation, including potable water systems since the soft solder is totally lead-free.

A strong leak-free joint is achieved through capillary action: when heat is applied, the integral layer of lead-free solder fills the gap between the tube and fitting to form a mechanically strong joint without the need for external solder.

All Triflow Solder Ring products from Conex are branded to indicate that they use only lead-free solder, complying with EN 29453 and ISO 9453 in the construction of the joint which is factory-applied to the solder groove. This means that they all meet the most stringent conditions imposed by Water Regulations against the effect of materials on water quality.

Conex Triflow Solder Ring fittings are manufactured in accordance with EN 1254-1 and 4.


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