Riello burners help drive efficiency for Telereal Trillium

Following a detailed technical appraisal and competitive tender exercise, Riello burners were selected as the best match for the refurbished boilers at a high profile government site in Swansea, managed on behalf of Telereal Trillium by Arthur Portelli of Oakbury Building Services Consultants.

The 3 x 2.5 MW burners at the site were installed in 1982 to meet a site demand of around 5MW with N+1 resilience so that heat loads could be met with one boiler offline for maintenance or repair. Because of the age of the burners, and efficiency issues being experienced, Telereal Trillium carried out a technical review to assess condition and future operational life of the boiler plant.

Having considered several options, a comprehensive refurbishment was identified as the best option, bringing them up to the standard of any new boiler on the market. A further benefit of refurbishment was reduced disruption, taking advantage of the N+1 configuration.

The refurbishment by Steam Plant Hire (Halesowen) included installation of new high efficiency insulation, refractory, control wiring, casings, gas and oil pipe systems and replacement of the obsolete burners. Selecting the correct burner system was critical to achieving the required combustion efficiency, along with improved turndown and low emissions (including NOx).

Following a full burner matching process by Riello RLS300 EV O2 BLU low NOx dual-fuel burners were identified as offering the best option.

Arthur Portelli commented: “This was a particularly challenging project for a whole number of reasons and I was impressed with the manner that the team handled all the problems we encountered at the design, tender and project stage. The support from the Riello sales and technical teams has been first class, only equalled by the burners that have lived up to all expectations,” he added.


Further information: www.rielloburners.co.uk

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