Riegens sets a new standard

DL-ECO is an innovative range of downlights from Riegens Lighting that have been designed to incorporate a new generation of energy efficient, compact fluorescent lamps. By optimising the interaction between the lamp and ballast, Riegens has created a downlight with a greatly improved efficacy. 

The new technology behind DL-ECO makes it possible to achieve 25% energy reductions when compared with equivalent compact lamps with high frequency controls and savings of over 50% when compared with electromagnetic systems, in addition to a significant reduction in C02 emissions with no sacrifice in performance.

For ease of installation and maintenance, DL-ECO has an improved lamp holder and base with a simple twist-and-lock connection that means that there is far less force used on the luminaire during removal and replacement. The reliable tri-wing fixing arrangement of the downlight makes installation in any ceiling with a 1 – 40mm thickness simple.

Suitable for use in commercial and retail applications, DL-ECO will provide a healthy return on investment for all projects, new or retrofit.


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