Riegens helps to cut lighting costs

In replacing high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting, Riegens HB Saleni T5 fluorescent luminaires are helping SIG plc to achieve average energy savings of 65-70% on its warehouse lighting in the UK.

SIG plc is a leading distributor of specialist building products, operating in 11 countries in Europe and serving a wide range of trades in the construction markets. The company has a strong commitment to minimising its environmental impact and has an established business strategy for carbon reduction. SIG has also achieved and maintained the Carbon Trust standard.

SIG worked with the Carbon Trust to evaluate the energy performance of all of its 320 sites in the UK and the sodium warehouse lighting was identified as an area for improvement. Having considered various options the company selected Riegens 2 x 80W HB Saleni luminaires where practicable. As well as offering improved lighting levels, the HB Saleni fittings provide control opportunities that were not possible with the sodium lighting.

The whiter light of the T5 fluorescent lamps has also improved the lighting quality of the sites that have been upgraded.

Return on investment

“We identified the branches that would offer the maximum return on investment and prioritised these in our roll-out upgrade programme,” explained SIG Energy Efficiency Manager David Haydock. “We also set a maximum payback period of five years, with an expectation of achieving 65-70% savings on lighting costs.

“However, some sites have performed better than this. For example, the Plymouth site has achieved a 79% saving with a two year payback, and we’ve been able to reduce the number of luminaires from 80 to 67 while maintaining comparable lighting levels. We have had a positive response from the staff and been very pleased with the support we’ve received from Riegens” he added.

Plymouth is one of six existing sites that have been upgraded so far, and the combination of HB Saleni luminaires and high bay sensors is also being applied to new sites. The use of the high bay sensor enables the lighting to be controlled in relation to daylight levels and occupancy to maximise the energy savings.

Riegens HB Saleni luminaires are surface-mounted or mounted on trunking systems and are available in a range of configurations, all using MIRO quality reflectors to maximise light output. They also offer a selection of narrow, medium or wide reflector optics to facilitate precise light distribution in line with the layout of the space, so that the number of luminaires can be minimised.

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