Ridi sheds light on refurbishment

Well-designed and affordable products from Ridi Lighting are playing a key role in the upgraded lighting scheme at James Watt College in Greenock. Vision III, an award-winning, suspended direct/indirect panel luminaire, features alongside many other Ridi products in a new lighting scheme which achieves a perfect balance of natural and artificial light within the college’s beauty and treatment areas.

James Watt College was built in the 1970s and the building’s general condition had deteriorated over the years until requiring significant refurbishment. A comprehensive regeneration of the college was undertaken to transform the ground floor concourse, refectory, health and leisure facilities, vocational training suites and assembly hall into a bright, airy welcoming environment.

The existing windows in the building were not overly generous with the amount of natural light, for modern tastes. To overcome this, the project architect designed a glass extension to run the full length of the concourse to brighten the space. The significant challenge for building services consultant Hawthorne Boyle was to balance the levels of the natural with effective artificial light within the building. In this way, the Ridi luminaires make a significant contribution to this bright, modern environment.

Michael Cox, electrical services consultant at Hawthorne Boyle comments: “Ridi luminaires were perfect for this project. They are aesthetically pleasing and blended in well throughout the multi-purpose college environment. It is also apparent they are tested to a high standard, a fact reflected in the few returns we had following site delivery and installation.”

Vision III incorporates some of the latest thinking in luminaire design and performance. The design features a micro-prism panel with a relaxing low-brightness output that delivers a comfortable and productive teaching environment. Alongside this, the eye-catching looks appeal to lighting designers and specifiers across the board. It is a pendant-mounted luminaire with a super-flat 13mm deep brim that seen in profile gives the perception of thin, floating rafts. Fitted with an ultra-low glare micro-prism panel the VISION III delivers 89% light transmission with an extremely efficient 72% light output ratio.

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