Retrofitting made easy

Switching from standard halogen lamps to energy efficient replacements is now easy and hassle free with the extension of the Halogen Energy Savers range from Osram. The latest additions can achieve a 30% energy reduction, last twice as long as standard incandescent lamps, and are fully dimmable, providing further significant savings on energy, costs and materials.

The HALOSTAR G4 is the latest 12V lamp that has been added to the Halogen Energy Saver range and provides a 30% reduction in energy usage – the highest offered by a halogen lamp on the market. There have also been additional wattages added to the CLASSIC A and CLASSIC B ranges.

The range offers an ideal solution for facilities managers who are under increasing pressure to reduce energy consumption and improve a building’s energy efficiency.

With the extension to the range, there is now a complete set of halogen lamps able to fit virtually any light fitting and Osram offers the widest range of Halogen Energy Saver products available on the market. In addition, the extended range is fully dimmable.

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