Renewable energy with a smile

The new Smile 3 controller can be used with systems using radiators, convectors and low temperature heating circuits such as underfloor heating.

With new, refined control algorithms, Smile 3 ensures energy efficient integration of sources such as solar power, heat pumps and wood burners. It equalises heat sources to make maximum use of renewable energy sources in the mix, while providing optimum energy management between heat producers and consumers.

Smile 3 can also manage complex heating systems requiring boiler sequencing. Its OpenTherm interface can exchange data easily with certified devices such as condensing boilers, enabling Smile 3 to be applied with even more versatility.  Up to five Smile controllers can be wired together via a two-wire bus to form a control system.

Smile 3 controllers are easy and fast to install, commission and operate, thanks to an ingenious user panel with a large back-lit LED display and a single rotary control that is also a push button.

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