Remote Commissioning

Marflow Hydronics, the specialist solution providers for the balancing, controlling and metering of water distribution systems in the HVAC industry, has been witnessing a growing interest in its Pressure Independent Characterised Control (PICC) valves as awareness of its ground-breaking Remote™ Commissioning concept increases.

Remote™ Commissioning is a system solution offering all that is required to balance and control water flow to hydronic terminal units in the most flexible and environmentally friendly way.  By coupling pressure independent control valves with a BACnet controller running a custom strategy, the remote concept takes commissioning out of the ceiling space and into the commissioning engineer’s laptop.

Designed with the customer in mind, the concept aims to reduce time, costs and energy for all users.  It is a future proofed solution that allows commissioning to be completed anywhere in the world and anytime needed simply from a computer, throughout the life of the system.  With more customers learning of the benefits, Remote™ Commissioning is set to change the way commissioning takes place forever.

This system is just one of the benefits from Marflow Hydronics’ range of PICC valves, with customers having the option of Axial, Rotary or Electronic valves.

Martin Lowe, Business Development Director at Marflow Hydronics, says, “We understand the challenges our customers face and we want to help them easily overcome their difficulties, and all of our products are created with this in mind.  The Remote Commissioning concept is one we truly feel could change the future, putting greater control into the hands of the engineers.  This more environmentally friendly system is also highly relevant in today’s society where we can’t afford to be wasting energy, nor time.”

For more information on PICC valves or the Remote™ Commissioning concept, contact Marflow Hydronics on 0845 564 1555, or visit

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