Reliable Controls rises to supply chain challenges

How part obsolescence and supply-chain challenges helped Reliable Controls® improve its bestselling MACH-ProView™ LCD controller

After more than a year of supply-chain challenges, Reliable Controls released an updated version of its popular MACH-ProView™ LCD controller. The MACH-ProView LCD is a freely programmable BACnet Building Controller and BACnet Operator Display that provides attractive, customizable, high-resolution graphical interfaces facility managers can use to access, monitor, and control the comfort and energy performance of any space. In spring 2021, in the midst of launching an entirely new generation of hardware, Reliable Controls made a nimble pivot to redesign the MACH-ProView LCD after learning one of the processors it depended on was no longer available.

Redesigning the MACH-ProView LCD gave the company an opportunity to improve controller performance in several meaningful ways, with a new processor, new memory, and other revisions. Start-up time is almost half that of the previous version of the controller; users can switch themes 10 times faster; and EQUIPMENTview—a customizable screen view that lets users display and access objects on the LCD—performs much more efficiently.

“The MACH-ProView empowers people to interact with their space in a simple, seamless, unique way. When supply-chain and raw material constraints disrupted our ability to produce it, we knew we could not stand by and wait for things to return to normal,” said Reliable Controls executive vice president of sales Levi Tully. “I could not be prouder of the tremendous effort our team devoted to doing whatever it took to get that power and experience back in the hands of users worldwide. A truly outstanding effort.”

Learn more about the MACH-ProView LCD controller:

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