REHAU offers time savings

Contractors installing ground source heat pumps can save valuable time thanks to a new RAUGEO large manifold chamber from polymer specialists REHAU which means they no longer have to build a bespoke brick chamber on site.

The new, distinctive orange chamber from REHAU in durable and long lasting polymer has been designed to be integrated with the company’s recently launched RAUGEO CLICK manifold system and can accommodate up to 20 brine circuits from 20mm to 50mm diameter.

Manufactured in watertight PE, the chamber measures 1300mm x 980mm x 1300mm when assembled meaning there is plenty of room for installing the manifold system inside. It is lightweight at just 65kg and is delivered in two sections which nest one inside the other to make storage and transportation easy and cost effective. The chamber also comes complete with a walkable cover which can withstand up to 200kg.

Contractors can order the chamber either with the manifold and pipe ducts pre-assembled or, for even greater flexibility, they can drill and seal the pipe ducts themselves on site using the drilling markings provided. The new manifold chamber is suitable for PE-Xa, PE-RC or PE100 pipework.


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