REHAU launches second generation ground source probe


PR704 REHAU has launched an innovative new PE-Xa probeRenewables specialist REHAU has launched a new second generation PE-Xa probe featuring an innovative new coating which improves the bond in the ground between the pipe and the backfill material. It helps to optimise heat transfer and reduces the likelihood of performance being affected by groundwater moving vertically between the soil layers during operation.

Like the original REHAU version, the new probe has a significant advantage over all other ground source probes available in the UK because it features an integral rather than a welded tip to offer complete reassurance on reliability.

In fact, REHAU is so confident of the reliability that it offers a 10 year consequential loss warranty on the probe which no other manufacturer can match

The new probe can be used at up to 95ºC so is ideal for borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) schemes up to 250m in depth, and is available in 32mm and 40mm diameter sizes.

Further details of this and the rest of REHAU’s RAUGEO ground source probe range are available at

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