Rehau launches pipework

Rehau has launched its new RAUTHERMEX pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe system for local and district heating. It has been developed by the polymer pipework specialist to meet the demands of the increasing number of schemes being designed for industrial and domestic projects.

RAUTHERMEX is a high performance solution which has two key advantages – it uses carrier pipes made from the same PE-Xa which is behind the success of Rehau’s underfloor heating system and its insulation is closed cell polyurethane foam.
The PE-Xa pipework is corrosion and abrasion resistant and has very high hydraulic performance enabling relatively small diameter pipework to be used. It is suitable for temperatures up to 95ºC and pressure up to 6 bar, making it ideal for the low temperature systems routinely used with condensing boilers and geothermal heat sources.
The corrugated polyurethane foam jacket offers optimum heat insulation whilst remaining watertight even if the outer skin is damaged. It is also longitudinally stable which means there is no change in the length of pipes laid underground due to temperature fluctuations while in operation.
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