Rehau launches 10 bar polymer pipe systems

Rehau’s Rautitan universal 10 bar pipework solution comprises Flex and Stabil polymer pipes and is designed specifically for drinking-water and heating systems. The flexible PE-Xa Rautitan system delivers on durability, corrosion resistance and ease of installation. It is available in coils or as straight lengths and also as a pre-insulated pipe system.

The Flex range of 5-layer polymer pipes is available from 16 to 63 mm. The multi-layer Stabil pipe range is available from 16 to 40 mm.

Rautitan is suitable for radiator connections and can be used for installations through the floor, skirting board or wall.

Joints are made (see picture) using the Rehau compression sleeve jointing system, which produces a permanently sealed joint without O rings, even down to -10°C. Fittings are available in polymer, stainless steel and gunmetal.

Using the specialist Rautool device installers expand the pipe end, insert the fitting and apply the compression sleeve.

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