Regulating system for Lymington

Jointing Technologies, a Distributor Partner of Tyco Thermal Controls, has supplied and installed a Raychem HWAT self-regulating heat-tracing system for hot water temperature maintenance at the brand new Lymington New Forest Hospital. The temperature maintenance contract was placed through Thermal Coverings, the project’s insulation contractors, for a system that enables a single pipe hot water system to be employed throughout the hospital.

Raychem HWAT is a simple, effective and intelligent system that ensures instant hot water is available at every hot tap, including those on ‘dead legs’. It comprises self-regulating heating cable technology and smart controllers. At Lymington New Forest Hospital over 4000 metres of self-regulating cable is being installed along the hot water pipes to apply just the amount of heat required to maintain the water temperature between 50°C and 55°C. Raychem HWAT-ECO smart control units are employed to limit the power output of the heating cable in accordance with the building’s requirements. Easy-to-programme and BMS compatible, these controllers also monitor the boiler temperatures to ensure the heat-tracing system is only fulfilling a temperature maintenance function – not water heating. This temperature maintenance solution not only delivers significant energy cost savings over conventional re-circulation systems but, in eliminating return pipework, also offers space, material and installation time/cost savings too.

The £29m Lymington New Forest Hospital is being built by Ryhurst Ltd, as a PFI project for the New Forest Primary Care Trust, and is due to open in December 2006.

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