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Three years ago, the Winkelmann Group added the Sinusverteiler brand to their Heating and Water division which, combined with Reflex Winkelmann GmbH has enabled them to bring their innovative products to the building services marketplace.  Sinusverteiler offer a range of products, including a unique range of manifolds and buffer tanks which are the future of energy supply for all storage media. Reflex will be demonstrating these products at the forthcoming Ecobuild show at London Excel between the 7 – 9 March 2017.

The buffer tanks can be as individual as each project and the expertise and service of Reflex together with Sinusverteiler will always make them reliable partners for their customers within the HVAC sector.

This partnership has gone from strength to strength and another addition, the Hydrofixx, now being supplied by Reflex is a product that can save time and money due to its’ plug and play solution.

If you look at the design, it is at first glance a great space saver with easy installation and it can therefore can save time when installing.  The Sinus Hydrofixx brings all the advantages of genuine innovation as it is a unique way of combining the hydraulic separator with the flow and return manifolds into a single item.  With this system, you can achieve optimum flows in all stages of the systems in the most confined of spaces.  Therefore, it can save additional connection and assembly time for all heating and cooling systems. It’s a great solution to the issue of space which is becoming more and more of a dilemma in today’s changing construction landscape.

As mentioned above, given that the product introduces an easy plug and play solution there is no need for any further fabrication.

Tim Williams, County Manager for Reflex in the UK and Ireland said ‘Combining our technological expertise has helped us to supply a product that we are sure will help the building industry operate more efficiently.  The Hydrofixx is a great addition to our product portfolio and we are sure that installers, contractors and consultants will very quickly understand the benefits that this range of products can offer.  Ecobuild is one of the leading shows where we can showcase our products and the Hydrofixx is one of our products in 2017 to show energy efficiency and a real understanding of how we can help our customers become more efficient.’

In addition to the 4 million + expansion vessels manufactured, Reflex are committed to developing innovative pressurisation and de-aeration solutions for the constantly changing market. In the spirit of the company slogan ‘Thinking Solutions’ the continuous development of their product portfolio is considered essential in the company’s strategy. From simple sludge removal, through to bespoke pressure maintenance stations, Reflex have a solution for most applications.

In many systems today foreign particles can significantly reduce the performance and service life of heating systems and increase service intervals. The Reflex separation technology uses mechanical separation processes, for which no auxiliary energy is needed.  Reflex produces models for dirt and sludge as well as for micro bubbles and free air.  The separation including micro bubbles, air bubbles and free air, particularly during filling and draining processes.

Servitec degassing systems even degas dissolved gas in a vacuum which can considerably improve system efficiency. The process is electronically monitored and optimised by a Reflex Control unit which, in conjunction with the vacuum spray tube is able to eliminate air (either free or micro bubble) within the system resulting in reduced risk of corrosion and increase in efficiency.

Reflex also develops, manufactures and sells a vast array expansion vessels in addition to components and complete system solutions for pressurisation, de- aeration, water make-up systems as well as heat exchanger systems.

In the recent past, Reflex Winkelmann GmbH has strategically realigned its products for the heating, cooling and plant engineering sectors. In terms of sales and marketing, they focus on solutions that consider the synergies between all Reflex products. The aim is always to combine the company’s unique expertise, market oriented solutions and accompanying services. This results in outstanding advantages for our customers in a competitive environment.

Thanks to the close cooperation with Reflex, their customers receive everything they need to implement efficient solutions worldwide: personal consultancy, qualified design-support and full Customer Service. They will always ensure that our systems create solutions customers can rely on.

The German-owned business is still independently owned since its beginnings in 1889 and has successfully grown in the building services segment of the construction industry technologically-demanding market to become a global presence. Reflex Winkelmann’s headquarters are in the Westfalian city of Ahlen in Germany and makes up the heating and water division of the Winkelmann Group, which employs more than 3,000 people worldwide. More than 1,500 employees make up Reflex Winkelmann who operate across Europe.

For further information please contact either Tim Williams, Country Manager UK and Ireland or e-mail

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