Reducing water wastage

Water consumption in domestic, commercial and industrial premises is easy to reduce using Honeywell pressure reducing valves.

The water pressure to many premises is much higher than necessary.  Excessive water pressure contributes to wastage, as more flows to waste while taps are left running to wash hands and brush teeth, for example.  The Honeywell valves also minimise flow noise and protect installations from damage caused by excessive pressure.  Connections on hoses to appliances are less likely to leak.  Users are also unlikely to be splashed when they use hand basins.

Honeywell manufactures a range of brass bodied pressure reducing valves for the plumbing market with DN15 to DN50 (½ inch to 2 inch) compression fittings or screwed connections, as well as flanged valves with cast iron bodies up to DN600 (24 inch) diameter.

Cast iron valves are ideal to reduce overall water pressure to multi-dwelling buildings and to industrial and commercial premises.  The brass bodied valves can be installed to control flows to individual floors or sub units.

Honeywell pressure reducing valves feature an integral fine filter to protect the valve insert, which is fully serviceable.

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