Red wolf leads the Grundfos pack

Glynn Williams, Director of Sales, Commercial Building Services for Grundfos Pumps, explains why 2012 will be a year when many new records will be set in lots of different areas which includes the launch of the next generation of circulators from Grundfos

Circulator pumps have been subject to some major changes, in particular in terms of their operational efficiency, for many years now. One major landmark was reached back in September 2001 when Grundfos introduced the world’s first circulator with a magnetic motor – the then ground breaking Grundfos MAGNA. This pump was specifically designed for use in commercial building applications such as schools, hospitals, apartment blocks and hotels as well as in a range of industrial applications.

When launched these pumps were revolutionary as they offered large energy savings of 80%+ over their fixed speed counterparts. These efficiency changes were achieved without greatly changing the fundamental aesthetic design of these pumps as the dramatic improvements were hidden within the internal engineering.

Substantial difference

Pumps are a major drain on energy resources (they use 10% of the world’s electrical power), which means that any savings that they can realise have the potential to make a substantial difference.  This is a fact that is being recognised with the introduction of the EuP/ErP legislation. These forthcoming changes will mean that all standalone circulator pumps sold in the EU from 1 January 2013 must meet the strict energy efficiency requirements as laid out in the EuP directive.

This was actually not the main motive for investing in the new MAGNA3, as previous models already meet the requirements of the EuP legislation. Although for Grundfos just to meet the requirements was not enough; as it is part of our credo to offer the most efficient, intelligent and user friendly products to the market.

This all new MAGNA3 will be the most efficient circulator on the market for commercial applications as it will offer efficiencies even below the ambitious EuP benchmark level of EEI 0.20. Additionally, with the MAGNA3, Grundfos has succeeded in taking the best features of the traditional circulator pump and moving it into the digital age.

New range

The MAGNA3 range of circulator pumps is not just an upgrade of the popular MAGNA range, but a completely new pump that we believe will once again revolutionise the circulator market.

This new range introduces new user-friendly and intelligent settings that can reduce system costs remarkably. You are now able to use the pump as a heat energy meter and the new control mode FLOWADAPT makes balancing valves redundant in many cases. These and many more new features make MAGNA3 the preferred choice for all types of commercial HVAC applications.

During its developmental phase the project was given the internal code name of Red Wolf. Once a new product is ready for launch, code names are usually dropped, but not in this instance and the red wolf imagery will continue to be used to promote this and other new circulator products. But this wolf theme continues to play a more fundamental role due to the symmetry between the theme and the new product, not simply because of the red colour, but also because of the intelligence, strength, stamina and strong connections that are depicted by both wolves and the MAGNA3 family.

Reliable innovation

So what makes this new product different?  Put very simply, every aspect of the pumps internal and external design was closely examined during the re-engineering process.

The MAGNA3 is based on the tried and tested MAGNA technology and Grundfos’ industry leading experience with electronic pumps. The permanent magnet motor, AUTOADAPT function and integrated frequency converter are still part of the MAGNA package.

However, we’ve added some additional, ground breaking new technologies. The result is a cutting edge piece of intelligent technology that offers more functionalities than ever, and that now makes MAGNA3 a prominent member of the Grundfos Blueflux family of high efficiency products.

Put succinctly the MAGNA3 is the most efficient large circulator available on the market today. It’s that simple. The longer version is that with an Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) well below the EuP benchmark level and energy savings of up to 75% compared to a typical installed circulator, the return on investment will be remarkably quick.

One of the major highlights of the range remains the Autoadapt feature that guarantees optimum balance between comfort and energy efficiency. However in the MAGNA3 family this is supplemented by the new Flowadapt control mode and Flowlimit function that makes balancing valves redundant in many cases.

The MAGNA3 also features a built-in heat energy meter that can monitor system heat energy distribution and consumption in order to avoid excessive energy bills caused by system imbalances and save you the cost of installing a separate energy metering device.

Perfect fit

The extended MAGNA3 range with maximum heads of 18m and maximum flows of 70m³/h features more than 150 single and twin pumps in cast iron or stainless steel. This means that it is much easier to find the right size for any duty point and cut both purchase and energy costs in the process.

It is also suitable for both heating and cooling applications as well as domestic hot water circulation systems and is designed to handle liquids down to -10°C, which makes it suitable for both tough industrial tasks and ground source heat pump systems (GSHP).

In addition, installation is very simple as a result of the high-resolution colour display. Once the pump is turned on, the new Assist software immediately guides the installer through the set-up and the innovative Grundfos GO control software allows complete control over every aspect of pump performance.

True innovation

New product development is expensive and true innovation in pump technology is rarer today then in earlier decades as the gains in efficiency in new and upgraded models moving forward will be less dramatic.  But where the impact could really be felt is in ensuring that every new pump installation and every pump replacement opportunity takes the chance to ensure that the best efficiency option is selected.

With so much attention being placed on both the bigger and smaller details, the new Grundfos MAGNA3 range has already been hailed as an important step forward in pump engineering. But these innovations will only make the energy difference they are capable of when you make the decision to switch and take your place, at the front, leading the pack.

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