Reaching new heights

Fläkt Woods is supplying the ventilation solutions for the car parking areas at the Bahrain World Trade Centre.

Currently under construction, the building will be the tallest building in Bahrain standing at more than 240 metres. Its unique design comprises of two 50-storey towers of pointed glass and steel which will house offices and luxury retail spaces.

Featuring a three storey podium, three plant room floors, the development also includes an exclusive viewing deck on the 42nd floor. The podium accommodates a one storey extension to the existing City Gardens Shopping Mall and this is where the covered parking is being built.

It is here that Flakt Woods is providing their renowned expertise for car park ventilation systems. The car park provides 420 parking spaces serving the shopping mall and offices. They are on four floors, basement, ground, first and second floor.

Fläkt Woods is providing a range of specialist fans, including 97 truly reversible car park Jet Thrust Fans of 400mm diameter, and the main extract JM fans comprising the reversible, truly symmetrical (TS) blades allowing 100% volume flow rate in both forward and reverse directions, (against a standard unidirectional impeller, which only provides 67% volume flow rate in reverse).

Automatically controlled and operated damper units that open as required on the CO/Smoke ventilation level, are incorporated within the system, additionally the control panel is designed for optimum control of the system and individual fans and dampers.

Colchester based Fläkt Woods design team carried out a detailed Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis study to confirm optimum positions and operation of Car park Jet Thrust Fans within the car park floors prior to installation.

CFD Team leader James Allen commented: “Fläkt Woods has successfully supplied CFD analysis for all of the prestigious Bahrain building projects to date. The use of truly reversible fans offer major benefits in complex car parks, such as City Gardens, Bahrain, and our unrivalled experience in fan and system design gives us the distinct competitive advantage”.

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