RDM harnesses wind energy

Pioneering control and monitoring company RDM has installed two energy-saving wind turbines at its Glasgow headquarters.
The two 20m high turbines, mounted either side of its premises on Hillington Estate, are part of a programme of sustainable and low carbon technology being rolled out by the company.
RDM is believed to be the first mainstream supplier to the refrigeration, air conditioning and building services industry to harness cutting edge wind turbine technology to reduce carbon emissions.
Andrew Chandler, founder and Managing Director, said: “We have been a supporter of sustainable solutions long before it became fashionable. It also happens to be a highly practical answer to rising energy costs.
“With a round-the-clock business such as ours, the pay back time is reduced because we can make use of the free energy being produced at all times.”
The two turbines can deliver up to 30kW of electricity, more than sufficient for the company’s night-time load, and between 60 to 70% of its day-time load.
During the two-year project, the company had to overcome concerns raised by the local airport authority in relation to possible interference with radar serving Glasgow Airport, just a few miles away. The trial period has now ended with no problems being reported, and the installation been given the official thumbs up.
Andrew Chandler said: “It is an unqualified success. We believe in doing as much as possible to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint, raise our environmental credentials and promote new technology. Our customers, who include Marks & Spencer, have committed themselves to a sustainable approach to their business. This project reflects our commitment to them in achieving sustainability throughout the supply chain.’
Other initiatives taken at the company include the siting of air conditioning condensing units in the company’s warehouse to provide free heating 11 months a year, and the installation of high U-value ceiling tiles for improved insulation.
All common spaces, such as toilets and corridors, have movement sensors to turn off lights, and the call centre has movement sensors over desks to turn off local lights in the evening.

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