Raychem offers frost protection

Tyco Thermal Controls has developed and launched a new Raychem self-regulating electric heating cable for central heating pipework, capable of withstanding the high temperatures of active systems yet providing frost protection whenever the central heating is dormant. It eliminates any need to drain the whole system whenever property is to be unoccupied for extended periods during winter months.

In commercial and residential buildings, the water temperature in active central heating systems is sufficient to prevent freezing, even when passing through non-heated areas (e.g. basements and roof areas from plant rooms). However, buildings like schools, public buildings, holiday homes and resorts can often be unoccupied for varying periods during the winter and, if the central heating is switched off, freezing can occur during cold weather. The new Raychem FS-C10-2X cable has been specially designed to offer frost protection when these systems are dormant.

A key requirement for this application is to provide just the heat required, and only when needed, so a low energy consumption, high temperature resistant polymer has been developed for the self-regulating heating cable.


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