Raising the standard

zehnderZehnder, Europe’s leading manufacturer of progressive indoor climate solutions unveils their improved high performing and aesthetically pleasing trench heater – the Zehnder Terraline.

Tested to current industry standards the new Zehnder Terraline UN model offers fast response times and a high heat output to ensure a comfortable indoor climate for building occupants.

Suitable for a wide range of applications from small residential –sized projects, through medium-sized offices and showrooms to large commercial buildings, the Zehnder Terraline is made to measure and provides an elegant alternative where freestanding radiators cannot be used.

Working at its best when positioned in front of floor to ceiling windows and glass-fronted buildings, the Zehnder Terraline not only uniformly compensates for the cold air falling inside the room near windows and significantly reduces the possibility of condensation, but it also assists in retaining the glass façade’s transparency. With only the elegant designer frame and grille remaining visible after installation it offers a seamless aesthetic for an enhanced architectural design.

A flexible and functional heating solution the Zehnder Terraline is available in a wide range of heights, depths and lengths which can be easily connected in series to form longer heating strips. Additional special sizes and solutions for shaped and curved perimeters supplement the range, and prefabricated casings with pre-punched knockouts for the pipework make it quick and easy to install.

Manufactured from aluminium both the designer frame and grille come with an anodised surface in a natural finish as standard, or in black, bronze, wood or stainless steel on request. Grilles are linear or roll up, and are available with butted or mitred corners and cut outs or special solutions when required.

Operating silently in the background the Zehnder Terraline provides a visually attractive and economical heating source which if desired can be combined with Zehnder Comfosystems ventilation systems for a comprehensive indoor climate solution.

For more information on the Zehnder Terraline please contact Zehnder Technical Services on 01276 605800 or visit www.zehnder.co.uk

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