Raising safety levels

Finder has introduced a compact 2 pole, 8A relay interface module for safety critical circuits.  Conforming to the EN50205 type B standard, the 48.12 features forcibly guided changeover contacts (1 NO and 1 NC) to enable positive monitoring of switching contact states and large physical separation between adjacent contacts to remove any risk of flashover.

To help minimise panel space and to ensure rapid installation, the Finder 48.12 safety relay interface module measures just 15.8mm wide, provides screw terminal connection and is designed for standard 35mm rail mounting.  Where required, an 8-way jumper link is also provided for common connections.

The 48.12 features a 0.5W DC sensitive coil, available as standard in 12V and 24V versions.  The wide compatibility that results means far greater flexibility for circuit designers in a wide range of plant, process and machinery guarding, emergency stop and critical monitoring applications.

The 48.12 safety relay interface module is available ex stock via Finder’s UK distributor network.


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