Radiant heating service raft

HCP has launched a Radiant Heating Service Raft. This innovative product has been developed in accordance with SAS International’s System 600 acoustic lighting raft. 

Traditionally radiant heating panels or tiles have been used in suspended ceilings however integrating radiant heating panels into acoustic lighting rafts offers further design flexibility. These service rafts are freely suspended below coffers leaving large areas of the concrete soffit exposed, enabling free air movement to the structural slab for natural thermal mass cooling.

Radiant Heating Service Rafts can be fitted with both up and down lighting and acoustic absorption pads or perforated panels providing acoustic properties by absorbing reflected sound from the structural soffit.

Consisting of a number of radiant heating panels, Radiant Heating Service Rafts can be linked together in modules to form longer runs or installed as a separate unit dependant on design applications.

Radiant heating panels are durable with long life cycles and due to the lack of moving parts, require minimal maintenance, are easy to clean and free up walls to help maximise space within a room.


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