Rada grows two heads

Rada has enhanced its market-leading Sense range of digital water control systems with the introduction of the Sense Dual Shower T3.

Designed specifically with children or the less able in mind, the Dual Shower T3 control and valve is suitable for all commercial and public sector showering facilities which need to meet the demands of Part M of the Building Regulations, while addressing the needs of the young and other potential users.    

The Sense Dual Shower T3 basically combines a diverter shower – one with both a fixed and variable showerhead – with the company’s intelligent digital thermostatic mixing valve technology.

In leisure, public sector and hospitality applications there is a need to offer flexibility to users where a standard fixed head causes problems for those – like children – for whom the spray is too high or simply want a body wash without full deluge. Being able to remove the handset allows all users to wash more thoroughly, while offering the full shower experience to those who want it. Similarly, the variable head provides accessible showering to the less able and as required by Part M.


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