Quieter and more efficient

Sleek, modern design combined with state-of-the-art technology makes CIAT Ozonair Ltd’s new Major Line range a revolution in comfort units. A product of CIAT’s sustainable development philosophy, Major Line consumes 20% less electricity than its predecessors and is extremely quiet in operation, generating 2dB less noise. It also filters indoor air to protect the well-being of occupants.

The range offers a broad range of cooling capacities up to 10kW, and includes an array of innovations packed into a more compact and efficient product. The new generation fan features a contoured scroll housing designed for optimum output and performance. It is equipped with high energy efficiency ABS impellors with airfoil blades for reduced energy consumption. The high performance coils have up to 15% larger coil face area, the wide choice of coils enabling customised water ranges. Materials have been selected for their low environmental impact and are 85 – 95% recyclable depending on size.

Available in both cased and uncased versions, Major Line is very versatile. In offices it blends in perfectly with new and renovated buildings of all types.


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