Pushing the boundaries

Sureline perimeter heating from Smith’s Environmental Products is designed to replace the skirting of perimeter walls and provide a consistent flow of warm air around a room. Discreet, versatile and simple to install, Sureline is available in any colour and comes with a full range of attachments.

Perimeter heating is a natural convector that requires connection to the wet central heating system. Hot water from the central heating system passes through the heat exchanger transferring its heat to the aluminium fins. The natural movement of air gently circulates over the heat exchanger, is warmed and evenly distributed around the room.

Sureline has heat outputs as high as 750W per metre and the product also comes complete with a range of attachments for corners and the connection of a Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV). The product can also be controlled via a remote wall mounted room thermostat and a single port motorised valve. The seams formed by the joining covers are also smooth and uninterrupted, providing seamless joins between any abutting covers and/or ends.


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