Purmo reaches new heights

The new Compact 200mm radiator from Purmo meets the highest standards of quality and is one of the most energy efficient designs on the market. A low line, space saving product, it can be used under low windows and in areas with low wall heights, such as conservatories. The radiator also comes with floor standing brackets, ensuring it does not obscure the viewing line when it is used in fully glazed areas.

Requiring only a small amount of water to function, the Compact 200mm heats up very quickly and is easy to control. A large convector plate within the design means that heat is expelled across a greater surface area, distributing heat more effectively around the room.

Straight lines and quality finishing ensure that the Compact is a sleek asset in both traditional and contemporary interiors. A durable powder coated finish ensures that the radiator is both hardwearing and also easy to clean.

The Compact 200mm has six connections with a built-in TRV body. It is available as a standard panel, flat fronted (Plan) and profile fronted (Ramo) model.

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