Pump up the pressure

Hamworthy Heating has introduced an extensive new range of pumped pressurisation units which include floor standing and wall hung models; suitable for heating and chiller systems in commercial buildings.
Using a pumped pressurisation unit in a commercial building eliminates existing problems of storing a large volume of water in a tank at high level to create the system head. It saves space, reduces costs and removes the need for associated pipe work from the header tank to the plant room, which would need insulating to prevent freezing during the winter. The pumped type pressurisation units also remove dependence on mains water pressure to create the system head.
The new Chesil range of compact pressurisation units are available  for systems with cold fill pressures up to 3.4 bar, offer a choice of standard or electronic controls, and all models are compatible with Building Management Systems (BMS) for complete system integration and security. There are three floor standing models including a twin pump electronic version which can be used in a duty / stand-by arrangement, depending on project requirements.

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