Pressure step degasser

Stourflex has launched a new Pressure Step Degasser to complement their range of air and dirt separation products.

All heating and chilled water systems face on-going problems caused by air and dirt, which can significantly impair both efficiency and water quality.

Full consideration needs to be given in removing dissolved gases when designing and installing a pipework system. Stourflex has the technical expertise to address these issues and also a range of products that will enable consultants and installers to design and deliver an efficient system.

Steve Yardley, Managing Director of Stourflex said: “We have responded to the customer demand for a Pressure Step Degasser that is both of high quality and at an affordable price. This product expands our offering and provides a more comprehensive range for the building services industry.”

The Stourflex Pressure Step Degasser is specifically designed to remove gas from chilled water systems and heating systems up to 100°c. It operates with a maximum system volume of 300m³ and a system design pressure up to 16bar. The product, which conforms to BS7671 and EN12828, provides consistent continuous operation and assures the highest level of performance.


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