Premier league

Remco is the UK’s premier supplier of A.C. Fractional Horsepower electric motors and fans for replacement use in the heating, ventilating, refrigeration and air conditioning industries and markets.

Our factory warehouse in West Sussex, UK holds stock of over 80,000 replacement ac motors and fans in several thousand different models – covering the output range of 2 to 1400 watts (2 Horsepower). Each model can be customised by our in-house technicians to provide a vast array of additional shaft, connection and mounting configurations.

The range

The axial fan range comprises nine different sizes, from 250mm to 630mm diameter, all driven by quiet and efficient permanent capacitor or 3-phase external rotor motors with ball bearings, allowing operation in any attitude.

Commonly used in air conditioning condensing sets and ventilating units, our range provides for both ‘blowing’ and ‘sucking’ air flows and fans are suitable for both covered and exposed locations. Motor bodies are rated to IP44 or IP54 levels of protection.

All units are available with either 1-phase 230 volt, or 3-phase 400 volt windings. For 1-phase units integral thermal overload protection is provided, whilst for 3-phase units the overload leads are brought out for connection to individual requirements. The winding insulation rating for all units is Class F.


ErP2013 and 2015 compliant models are also now available featuring high efficiency brushless motors and in some cases PSC models of higher than normal efficiency. In fact, such electronically commutated (EC) motor-driven units have already proven extremely valuable in reducing energy consumption with air conditioning systems in some of the most prestigious hotels globally as well as within warehouse and shopping superstore storage facilities.

The additional cost of the EC motors used is very quickly recovered through the energy and cost savings gained.

Tailored to your needs

Our in-house, bespoke fan deck design and refurbishment capability is enhanced by our highly experienced staff of technicians and our internal design and production departments allow fabrication of even the most special fan cowls, trays and therefore complete fan deck assemblies at very economic prices.

Furthermore, our pick-up, refurbishment and return service enables us to respond extremely quickly to even the most testing customer demands.

A move to a new state-of-the-art, purpose-designed factory is imminent which will further improve our ability to support and serve our diverse customer base as we celebrate our 30th anniversary as the industry number one supplier of replacement fan and motion solutions.

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