Precision cooling

The Liebert family of precision conditioners by Emerson Network Power has been developed to provide large datacentres with maximum flexibility in their use, with a significant reduction in the cost of power consumption. IT infrastructures are nearly always the foundation of business activities and increasing dependency on IT technology is driving organisations to increase the processing power of their datacentres in order to provide effective support for the applications that govern business processes.
This trend generates a critical issue. Increasing power in IT architectures means an exponential increase of heat dissipated by more and more powerful servers and high-density solutions. This heat must be eliminated to avoid system downtime and the consequent failure of business operations.

To respond to such critical issues and to provide organisations with total business continuity, Emerson Network Power has designed the range of precision conditioners Liebert HPM, available in different versions according to the airflow direction, whether top-down, bottom-up or displacement. With these different options, the range is highly versatile and adaptable in a wide variety of IT infrastructures.

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