Pre-fabricated options

Pre-fabricated valve assemblies from Marflow Hydronics are proving to be a real time saver for customers.

With numerous options to suit individual application needs, Marflow Hydronics’ valve assembly units, known as Xterminators, are not only supplied pre-assembled but also pre-tested and individually tagged and labelled indicating valve reference to help save customers a great deal of time on site.

Xterminator valve assemblies offer huge advantages.  Alongside the fact that everything required for a successful connection assembly to a terminal unit is supplied in one package, fewer components need to be ordered for each project and they can also help optimise flow and temperature control in a building potentially reducing wasted energy in unoccupied or rarely used spaces.

Martin Lowe, Business Development Director at Marflow Hydronics, says: “The Xterminator is a great pre-packaged solution that reduces otherwise lengthy design time and removes inherent risks and problems associated with installing individual and unrelated components.  The result is one expert source for control and commissioning, with clear responsibilities and no time-wasting disputes, and the advantages for customers are visible in terms of time saved, cost reductions and greater energy efficiency.”

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