Praise for Government’s apprenticeship scheme

Following the launch of a new government scheme, business owners across the UK will soon be able to take a leaf out of Lord Sugar’s book and ‘try before they buy’ to find their next apprentice, says training provider ATL. The new Access to Apprenticeships scheme aims to provide help and support for young people aged 16-24 and give them the opportunity to demonstrate to employers their commitment to work and study to a required standard.

Achieve a standard

Under the scheme, employers can take on a prospective apprentice for up to 12 weeks unpaid work experience over the period of six months. If they achieve the required standard during this period, then each apprentice will complete the remainder of their training as a paid employee for £100 per week. Upon qualification a payment will then be made back to the employer.

“It’s a great incentive for employers, as it’s really a win-win situation for them,” says Nick Hayward, CEO of leading vocational training provider, ATL. “An employer will be able to secure an extra pair of hands for a whole year for as little as £1500.”

Nick added: “For employers who want an apprentice but who are uncertain about finding someone suitable for their business, it gives them a chance to try them out. And in the case of ATL apprentices, who complete an intensive training programme before coming on the job, the young person will be an asset to the company from day one.”

Access to Apprenticeships will provide up to 10,000 places in the first year, with a similar amount expected to be created in following years.

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