Powrmatic provides a lighter touch

Powrmatic has supplied eight Ultrasky glazed natural/smoke ventilators, each measuring 1748mm x 1406mm, to the Mega Bangna shopping centre in Bangkok, Thailand. The ventilators were manufactured to a bespoke design to meet the needs of the project at Powrmatic’s factory in Somerset.

Covering an area of nearly 30,000 square metres, Mega Bangna is one of Thailand’s largest shopping centres and has been described as the largest low-rise shopping mall in Southeast Asia. It includes 800 retail outlets along with a range of leisure and hospitality venues and parking for 8,000 vehicles.

The shopping centre has been designed to make extensive use of natural daylight and the Ultrasky ventilators were specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into the existing glazing systems. The ventilators are double-glazed to provide effective smoke ventilation without hindering ingress of natural daylight. As standard, they also feature extremely low air permeability for optimum energy efficiency.

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