Power status by phone

ETI has developed the ThermaGuard to continuously monitor the temperature and the power status and report to the user, via a telephone call, if the alarm settings have been activated.
Ideal for the continuous monitoring of buildings for energy management, it is also possible to telephone the ThermaGuard and it will report the current, the max/min temperatures and the power status. Each ThermaGuard is supplied with a small thermistor sensor complete with 10 metres of PVC lead.

The ThermaGuard monitors temperature over the range of -19.9 to +49.9°C with a resolution of 0.1°C. The unit’s custom LCD indicates the real date/ time, the current temperature, the max/min temperature since last reset (24 hours, seven days or manual) and the current power status.

The ThermaGuard can store up to four, 20-digit telephone numbers in its memory and will dial up sequentially each stored emergency number (three times) or until someone answers the call and enters the four digit PIN code. The system incorporates a number of programmable features including the ability to enter a ten second personal identification message and a user PIN code.

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