Point and shoot from Fluke

Fluke offers three pocket-size professional-grade laser distance measuring tools that are fast and easy to use. While offering the most advanced measuring technology with buttons positioned for one-handed measurements, addition, subtraction, area, volume and other calculations can all be simply computed on the large displays.

The compact Fluke 416D and 421D Laser Distance Meters, like the Fluke 411D, are designed for indoor and limited outdoor applications with a single button, instant measurement operation.

The IP45 protected Fluke 416D and 421D have a 3-line, backlit display. Able to measure up to 60m and 100m, respectively, with a 1.5mm accuracy, each will store the last 10 or 20 measurements for quick re-call; enhanced Pythagoras calculation can compute the diagonal from 2 dimensions and in a 3-dimensional space. The Fluke 411D measures distances up to 30m, with a 3mm accuracy, using a 2-line display; it offers diagonal calculations for 2 dimensions only. Both models feature an automatic shut down to improve battery life.

Unlike ultrasonic distance meters with laser pointers, the precision narrow laser beams of the Fluke 416D, 421D and 411D avoid the common errors caused by extraneous objects near measurement targets.


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