Pocket guides for installers

NICEIC Certification, the gas personnel training specialist, has produced a series of useful Pocket Guides for gas installers, plumbers and heating engineers. Designed to fit in your pocket, toolbox or worn on a lanyard around your neck, the laminated guides contain easy-toreference, practical information.
Pocket Guide G2, for instance, refers to Tightness Testing in Domestic Installations with a Maximum Installation Volume of 0.035m3, and includes formulae as well as a useful series of pipe, meter and purge volume tables.
Meanwhile, Pocket Guide G3 includes Gas Rates for E6 and U6 meters as well as a series of at-a-glance conversion tables, including BTU’s to kW’s and Cubic Metres to Cubic Feet. Finally, Pocket Guide BR1 is a 10 step guide to registering with a competent person’s scheme, with a useful matrix showing what work is notifiable under the Building Regulations.
“The Pocket Guides work incredibly well for electricians under our NICEIC brand,” comments Wayne Terry, Head of Personnel Certification for NICEIC Group. “Gas Installers and plumbing and heating engineers will find the Guides invaluable and it is our intention to release more throughout the year.”
For information on how to get your Pocket Guides telephone 0870 013 0382 or email customerservice@niceic.com.

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