Plug in convenience

Hardwiring external lighting connections should become a thing of the past according to Hager with the launch of its weatherproof IP66 Klik connection system.  The company claims that it will make installation, maintenance and replacement of external light fittings faster and simpler with this first UK external plug-in lighting connection system.
Klik lighting connectors provide a secure plug in electrical and mechanical connection for a simple and fast installation.  It provides an on load isolation so individual fittings can be unplugged for maintenance at ground level without having to isolate the entire circuit at the distribution board.
Hager’s Product Manager for Klik, Mike Biggs comments:  “External lights are often on sensors or timers so it can be hard to make sure that they are offload when a contractor is working on them.  Using a secure plug and socket interface eliminates this problem.”
Contractors can order prewired Klik plugs so that the light fitting can be hard wired at ground level.  You then simply secure the light fitting to the wall or other surface and plug it into the IP66 protected socket.

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