Philips is on the whisky trail

Royal Philips Electronics’ latest high performing, energy efficient lamps, Master TL- D Xtreme and ActiViva have been installed in the Glenmorangie bottling plant near Edinburgh.  Combining the best of both world’s Philips has recently introduced a new generation of fluorescent lamps which give not only outstanding performance but which are also environmentally-friendly, having the lowest mercury content in the market place.  The Glenmorangie site was therefore keen to hear how it could benefit from Philips’ Green Flagship products and incorporate them in both its factory and administrative offices. 
Set in the beautiful location of the Scottish Highlands, the Glenmorangie distillery runs a 24 hour operation 7 days a week producing its world famous single malt whisky.  With demand for the UK’s top selling single malt whisky at ever high levels it is little wonder then that the production lines in Edinburgh are always in full swing.  The Philips Master TL-D Xtreme lamp comes into its own here since disruption to the bottling facility for cleaning or maintenance purposes can be kept to an absolute minimum. The lighting maintenance on the site is managed by Dalkia Lighting Services.
Master TL-D Xtreme lamps have been designed specifically for industrial and manufacturing applications since they have an incredibly long service life of 77,000 hours.  This combined with their exceptional lumen depreciation value of less than 10% after 10 years makes them the ideal choice for any factory manager with a keen eye to optimise production output. Effectively, what this means is that 90% of the lamps will still be burning up to 9-10 years even on a 24 hour, 365 day operation.  The lamp’s reliability also means that the predetermined lifetime can be calculated permitting maintenance to be scheduled ahead of time causing the least possible disturbance.
John Newlands, Facility Manager for Glenmorangie, says: “We distribute to around 150 countries worldwide from our 40 acres site. Therefore, we can’t afford to waste time on unreliable lighting. Our customers demand the best and so do we.  Master TL-D Xtreme lamps give us that assurance and allow us to get on and do our job.”
The value which Master TL-D Xtreme lamps offer in reducing the frequency of  maintenance cycles can be readily appreciated simply by comparing them with conventional fluorescent lamps which need replacing approximately every 2 years.  This in turn positively impacts on associated labour costs since the factory’s high ceilings demand that special equipment be brought in to ensure health and safety requirements are met.  However, lamp reliability is not at the expense of light quality.  Just as the Glenmorangie distillery prides itself on the consistency and quality of its whisky so too can the same expectation be demanded of Master TL-D Xtreme lamps.  With a colour rendering index of Ra 80, the lamps offer superb light quality and comply to the EN12464-1 stringent standards for the workplace.

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