Philips extends OptiFlood range

Royal Philips Electronics has introduced the OptiFlood MVP504 asymmetric floodlight for general area lighting as well as security and industrial area lighting. Designed for low lamp wattages and mounting heights, the Philips OptiFlood MVP504 floodlight is a smaller version of the OptiFlood MVP506 luminaire.
OptiFlood’s extremely efficient, best-in-class optical system provides an accurately controlled light distribution, preventing stray light and light spillage beyond the boundaries of the area being illuminated, so that it does not affect people living close by or driving past.
The OptiFlood luminaires can accommodate two types of reflector – asymmetric or road-lighting POT optics – for flexibility in application, as well as metal-halide lamps for good colour rendering or high-pressure sodium lamps for economical operation.
With its compact shape and simple, smart design, OptiFlood can be used in applications where design and appearance are just as important as technical performance.  Installation is fast and easy, and the high IP protection rating ensures low maintenance throughout the luminaires service life.

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