PermanexCCS provides biometric solution

With four totally new police custody and firearms training facilities being concurrently built in Avon and Somerset, the PermanexCCS Group has been awarded a prestigious contract by main contractor Miller Construction to provide its ready packaged biometric access control solution that’s based around finger print recognition.

The four locations each receive a purpose built ‘quick drop’ cabin that has been specifically branded for Miller Construction. Each cabin contains a state-of-the-art, finger print reader based access control solution and includes a combination of wired and wireless connectivity to onsite computers and wider cloud based computing. This means that everyone visiting or working at the construction sites will have their finger prints scanned and checked against computerised records in order to control and gain site access.

Each sub-contractor is required to pre-register and complete the necessary access documents before turning up at any of the sites for the first time. They will then be finger print scanned and data attributed to the corresponding record. This then provides the necessary Contractor Site Safety Certificate and gives them future access to any of the four sites as required. Additionally the system keeps detailed records of their visits.

“Putting the onus on all sub-contractors to pre-register will significantly speed up the overall access process to each of the sites,” stated Oliver Cox, Sales Director for the PermenexCCS Group. “We are also looking to provide additional site security at each of the four sites including sophisticated CCTV cameras to further protect the construction sites and restrict access to pre-qualified individuals.”

Miller Construction announced Financial Close on the project and its appointment as the main contractor for this PFI project back in October 2012. An allocation of £102million of PFI credits has been made by HM Treasury in order to deliver this ambitious programme and the capital cost for construction, furniture and fittings, including the first fit of information technology, is £72m.

The Blue Light Partnership project, which is an investment joint venture between Bilfinger Berger Project Investments and Miller Construction, include the provision of better welfare facilities for witnesses, victims and detainees through the improvement of custody cells which are currently old and difficult to maintain.

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