Permanent magnet motors save money!

Pumps are everywhere, they are in our homes, in our factories, and our hospitals, you are never far from a pump. It is easy to forget that they use energy, a lot of it! Improving the efficiency of these pumps can add up to real savings in the amount of energy used and, thus, the amount of greenhouse gasses can be reduced to the benefit of all. Furthermore, it will save the user, real money.

In 2005 the voluntary energy labelling scheme for glandless circulators was launched and adopted by all the major manufacturers including, of course – SMEDEGAARD. This is a very simple scheme giving the pump an energy efficiency rating of A to G, ‘A’ being the most efficient. This system has been included in Part L1 and Part L2 technical guidance documents which support the 2010 England and Wales Building Regulations.

The most important method of energy saving is to match the duty of the pump to the required duty, this is achieved by the integration of variable speed control in the

design and construction of the pump. Indeed, all ‘A’ rated glandless circulators, including those offered by Smedegaard, are of this design. Figures from the BPMA (British Pump Manufacturers Association) suggest energy savings of up to 80% can be achieved by the correct selection of such a pump, when compared to standard induction motor pumps.

However, even further improvements can be achieved!! Smedegaard have recently launched the SimFlex ‘A’ range of glandless circulators which enjoy all the advantages of variable speed control but, now also include permanent magnet technology thus making the motors even more efficient so saving even more energy. Better for the planet, better for your pocket!

The SimFlex ‘A’ series of pumps are designed to run at slower speed than many similar pumps in the market thus reducing noise levels and reducing maintenance. Also, the speed of response of the Smedegaard pump to changes to the system are a further factor in the improvement of energy efficiency.

A further money saving feature of the SMEDEGAARD SimFlex ‘A’ range of pumps is the use of the TUT seal which limits the circulation of water around the motor rotor can and so limits the likelihood of the build up of system deposits, this means less maintenance  and a longer pump life.

It does not end there! Alarm contacts, remote start/stop contacts and 0-10vdc signal are include in the entire range, add-on modules are not required to obtain these features.

By Chris Barrett – Director , Smedegaard Pumps Ltd

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