PC game is a winner

The National Energy Foundation (NEF) is launching LogiCity, a virtual reality computer game, in schools across England as part of a programme to change attitudes to Climate Change.
“We know young adults are more aware of climate change than their parents, but it’s hard to get them to make the connection between general awareness and personal actions”, said Ian Byrne, Deputy Director at the Foundation.  “This game lets them choose what to do and discover the effect that individuals can have on the planet before it’s too late. Players can then travel to the future to see the results of their actions by fast forwarding to the year 2066.”
Aimed at young people under 25, the game is set in a 3D virtual city with five main activities where players are set the task of reducing the carbon footprint of an average resident.  As players work their way through the game they will pick up information about climate change, and some of the main ways in which people contribute to emissions of the main greenhouse gas (CO2).  Participants are encouraged to provide their thoughts about climate change through a simple questionnaire at the end of the game.
The project partners are the National Energy Foundation, Logicom and British Gas. This is part of Defra’s Climate Challenge programme to increase public awareness of climate change across the country.

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