Passivent warms to ventilation

An innovative pre-warming system which helps ensure effective control of the internal environment has been developed by the leading natural ventilation solutions provider, Passivent Commercial Ltd.

The company’s new Thermal Aircool combines the established principles of its energy-efficient Aircool natural ventilators with an integrated low resistance air flow heater coil, purpose designed for natural ventilation systems. An ‘off-coil’ sensor within the Aircool unit monitors the temperature inside and out, allowing accurate control of the supply air temperature.

In colder weather, the external air is gently pre-warmed as it enters the internal space at low level; when air temperatures inside and out are less disparate, the Aircool provides unheated air, drawing fresh external air into the building. As a result, less heating in the building is required to maintain the required internal ambient temperature, optimising occupant comfort.

The Thermal Aircool has been designed for simple installation on site. In addition, the only driving part of the Aircool is the actuator, which is sealed for life and requires no maintenance, further enhancing lifetime costings.

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