Passivent delivers a complete solution

Ensuring a new-build dementia care home with 80 bedrooms over four storeys was properly ventilated yet as energy efficient as possible has been simplified through Passivent’s ability to deliver a comprehensive solution.

Cruden Construction is building the home, on a former industrial estate in Collingwood Road, Dartmouth, as part of its client’s programme to create a national portfolio of care homes. When complete, it will be the first home of its type within the town. The strict criteria to meet air changes varying dependant on the area and use of each section of the building yet still be energy efficient, created a complex brief for the ventilation strategy.

Passivent was able to develop a scheme that complied with all requirements, through a combination of its GenAiration intelligent Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (iMVHR), its intelligent Mechanical Extract Ventilation (iMEV), and its innovative Fresh Intellivent continuous assisted ventilation systems. Each of the 80 en-suite bathrooms is aired via iMEV, with the offices and communal living areas covered by the GenAiration and the communal toilets via Intellivent.

Gareth Whelpton, Passivent Sales Manager, explained, “The combination of systems we were able to provide via subcontractor Keyplan Engineering gave Cruden a solution that was simpler, and more cost effective, to install yet still complies with all the Regulatory requirements, and the project-specific criteria of minimising energy consumption and user input.”

Demand controlled ventilation

Passivent GenAiration combines the recognised benefits of traditional MVHR with those of demand controlled humidity sensitive ventilation, to ensure rooms are adequately ventilated, but only as necessary.

Passivent GenAiration centres around humidity sensitive extracts in each of the main general use rooms and offices, coupled with a self regulating airflow system to intelligently ventilate only as, where and when needed, without any occupier input. Non-adjustable extract and supply valves eliminate potential for under or over ventilation caused by occupier interference. Passivent GenAiration maintains a constant fan speed to achieve effective whole-house ventilation, reducing energy consumption as there are no energy increases as extraction is boosted.

The Passivent iMEV system provides silent, discreet ventilation, with the flexibility to address the requirements of specific areas, be it humidity, odours or both, either constantly or as required.

A low power continuously running central extract fan strategically located on the third floor boosts extraction of moisture laden air along the ducting and out through a terminal mounted on the roof. Humidity sensitive extracts in wet rooms provide silent, demand-controlled ventilation ensuring a fresh, condensation free environment without any occupant involvement. The only running cost is the minimal energy consumption of the low power fan.

A range of extracts enables exact tailoring of the ventilation to each specific area, be it humidity in bathrooms, showers, toilets and kitchen areas or odours in WC’s and sluice areas.

As the flow rate is controlled by the extracts in each room, ventilation is tailored to exact requirements, operating only as, when and where needed, rather than boosting the whole system when moisture in just one bathroom arises. As a result, heat loss through unnecessary ventilation is eliminated, further enhancing the system’s energy efficiency and lifetime costs.

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