Parking Guidance System marks the spot

Carlo Gavazzi delivers an innovative Car Park Guidance solution to reduce the stress and time taken for users to find vacant space; whilst other key features such as speed of installation, lighting and ventilation control can make significant cost savings.

Robust, reliable and completely scalable Car Park Guidance System is suitable to many applications such as hospitals, shopping centres, leisure facilities and hotels.  Each parking bay is fitted with an ultrasonic sensor which will detect if the space is available therefore provide precise information to the exact number of available parking spaces and disabled bays as well as any reserved spaces.  Displays using directional arrows and digits quickly guide the driver using the shortest route.

The system is easily installed using a 3-wire Dupline® bus and is simple to configure. A ceiling mounted 45° ultrasonic sensor is mounted at the entry of each parking space to detect if a vehicle is present, eliminating the need for a separate sensor and indicator. This transmits precise information of the exact number of available parking spaces and disabled bays as well as any reserved spaces to displays situated around the area to indicate how many and where the spaces there are. A green arrow shows the location and the quickest route to the next available parking space. Dedicated disabled parking spaces are shown using a blue LED and a red cross indicates that there are no spaces free within that section.

It is possible to integrate other functions into the system including the monitoring of lighting, ventilation, CO2 levels and movement detectors.  Seamless integration into the BMS using BACnet is possible while DALI master or relays for lighting control allowing lighting to be dimmed or turned off whilst the use of I/O modules for ventilation fans can significantly reduce costs.

The Car Park Guidance System provides a GUI (graphical user interface) management tool via the built in web server.   Displaying the status of each space, virtual space availability and bar graphs to show the situation of each level or area and provide statistical data and trends.  All data is fully exportable to excel.  Access is available from any PC for real time monitoring, control and statistics.

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