Oventrop modular HWS generation fits the bill

IMG_4858Prime concern during the refurbishment of the Holiday Inn Express at Edinburgh Airport was plant space for HWS generation in order to minimise any potential loss of lettable area.

The nature of the Oventrop product, “Regumaq Cascade”, being wall hung meant that a small plant area could be utilized fully to house the electrical systems and the hot water plant.

Keen to embrace new technologies, Brian Philbin (Director at Romech) decided to install the latest in hot water generation equipment from Oventrop, as it would minimize the space requirement whilst giving the client peace of mind by not storing large amounts of potable water and reducing the inherent legionella risks.

Additionally, it was demonstrated that this HWS generation system, together with automatic thermal balancing valves on the HWS circulation throughout the building could be installed without affecting the original budget.

The system consisted of 4 Oventrop wall hung “Regumaq” units, fresh water cascade control set and 2 electrically heated buffer tanks providing the heating water energy store.

On HWS demand, the fresh water is drawn across the plate heat exchanger and the integrated intelligent controls system modulates the high efficiency pump to draw the heating water from the buffer store over the plate, whereby just the right amount of energy is used to heat the fresh water to the desired temperature, thus keeping energy usage to a minimum whilst maximizing the flexibility to closely match the demand.

The management of the number of Regumaq units in operation at any one time is by intelligent cascading set which monitors the total flow demand and reacts by opening and closing the appropriate number of cold water ball valves based on flow demand.  Operating on a 23 hour master and slave principle to ensure equal wear in the system, the sequencing of the cold water ball valves is controlled by the master ball valve, which can also be connected to a laptop for data evaluation and to provide a history of the system to as a maintenance reference.

The bonus for the hotel meant that retaining that small plant area meant that they could keep the adjacent bedroom which could be worth circa £42,000 a year in bookings.

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