Outstanding efficiency from Hoval

Independent testing of Hoval’s new range of Belaria air-source, air-to-water heat pumps has confirmed a Coefficient of Performance of 3.8 – the highest efficiency ever measured for air to water heat pumps at the Buchs Interstate Technical University NTB.
Manufactured at a new 6,400m² production facility, the modular Belaria range has operating temperatures up to 55ºC and is available in seven model variants with heating capacities ranging from 8.6kW to 33.2kW. Thanks to the advanced design of these units, they are able to extract heat from the air at ambient temperatures as low as -15°C. A 6kW electric heater and heating pump is also incorporated into the units with outputs from 8.6 to 15.4 kW.
High efficiencies have been achieved through considerable attention to detail, ranging from the use of high levels of thermal insulation to a suction gas heat exchanger that ensures higher levels of heat recovery. Further running cost savings are achieved by the use of a start-up current limiter that reduces the current on start-up.
Belaria heat pumps are fitted with the Hoval TopTronic T heat regulation system.

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